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How to Take Your Humble Blog to the Next Level

There comes a time when every blogger hits a digital wall. The growth seemed slow, but promising at first. Then, all of a sudden – flatline. As frustrating as it is for hard working bloggers to accept, creating content in a content-saturated digital world for an audience with limited free time is a job that provides less-than-favorable odds.If your platform has been stagnant, there are writing sites like, which offer useful tips on how to keep your readers curious about your blog content.

Tackle Each Social Media Platform Strategically

It’s easy for bloggers to bunch all social media platforms under the same umbrella. This pays no respect to the individual potential of each platform. If you’re looking to expand your blog’s reach, it’s important to treat each media channel as its own vehicle. If you suspect that your social media management hasn’t been as focused as it should be, it’s best to halt operations on all platforms and focus on one. Pick whichever is showing the best engagement, and pool all your efforts into it.

Establish a game plan for your platform of choice. Network to other bloggers and readers in your niche. Follow the example set by the greats.

As Forbes contributor Jimmy Rohampton offers, “Part of your strategy is attracting a large group of interested followers, but you don’t have to wait around for them to follow you. Be proactive about building the quality audience you want by following strategically. Look for people who are interested in or talk about topics related to your niche all the time.”

Invest in Traffic

It is a sad truth that the vast majority of blogs go by almost entirely unseen. They might serve as a small boost to the owner, but that won’t be sustainable until a foundational viewership is set. Taking the difficult road won’t always lead to the best results. In many cases, the smartest, most successful blogs were given their first break when they started paying for traffic. According to Huffington Post, “… there are limits to organic growth and paid traffic can boost an article’s overall reach.” If a post is already performing well, amplify it with a little boost in traffic. The post’s virality alone will expand its reach, bringing a potential slew of new readers your way.

Learn From Your Competitors

If pride is getting in the way of you taking a leaf from your competitor’s book, it’s best to put that aside. If a competitor seems to have acquired an edge, it’s probably because they’ve found an efficient tactic you’re not using.

For instance, say your competitor recently experienced a boost in traffic thanks to a guest post they’ve contributed to a blog with a sizeable following. If you’re keeping tabs on your competitor, you’ll be aware of their post, and you’ll be able to approach the publication with an idea for your own contribution. You get featured, the same traffic is redirected to you, and you’re once again standing at the same level as your competitor. Get far ahead enough in the game, and they’ll start spying on you for your own secrets.

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3 Tips for Marketing To Brides Online

If you have a business that falls in the wedding industry, you could be poised to make a lot of money for yourself. However, while this industry makes a lot of money each year, it’s also very competitive. To set yourself apart and get a portion of this market share, you’ve got to know how to make your online presence flourish. So whether you’re selling bridal jewelry or have your own catering business, it’s vital that you know how to showcase your products or services effectively online. To help with this, here are three tips for marketing to brides online. Continue reading

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3 Ways To Better Communicate To Your Target Audience With Your Online Ads

With the number of people spending hours and hours each day online, it only makes sense for businesses to spend a larger portion of their marketing and advertising resources on online prospects. However, knowing you want to attract people to your business using the Internet is a lot easier than actually getting in touch with those people and getting conversions. So to help businesses struggling with this exact dilemma, here are three ways you can better communicate with your target audience through your online ads. Continue reading

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Online Marketing Made Easy With These Helpful Hints

Online marketing is much different from traditional marketing efforts. Today, businesses small and large have more tools and places to market their services or products than ever before. Traditional print advertisements are often expensive, while digital marketing is typically more affordable, or even free.

The challenge is to stand out among the noise on popular search engines. Internet users have a large amount of control over exactly what they see online. The trick is to understand what they are seeking. Take a moment to look over this short summary of a few online marketing tips made easy. Continue reading

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3 Tips for Finding A Great Online Marketer To Hire

Online marketing: It can’t be that difficult to figure out on your own, right? I can find time to do all the online stuff in addition to everything else I’m doing for my business, right? I’ll pick up the jist of it over the weekend and start implementing everything come Monday back at the office, right?


If you’re in business for yourself or need some marketing help when it comes to digital marketing, your best bet is likely going to be bringing in reinforcements. While it definitely is possible to educate yourself on what works and what doesn’t with SEO and online marketing, this is going to be one heck of an uphill battle for you. So rather than spend your valuable time on this venture, consider acquiring the help you need to get on this path sooner rather than later. And to help you do just that, here are three tips for finding a great online marketer to hire.

Know What You Can Afford

The first thing you’re going to want to figure out is what you can afford for online marketing. This will determine whether or not you can afford to hire someone to work in-house for you or if you should consider working with an agency of some kind. According to Josh Steimle, a contributor to, if you have $15,000 or less to spend per month, an agency will likely be your best bet. But if you can afford to hire someone into your company and pay them well enough to keep them around, this may prove to be more beneficial to you due to their undivided attention to your individual business.

Know What Skills You Want

There are a lot of different facets to online marketing. And while having a Jack-of-all-trades might sound like what you want, you may actually only need someone with a few specific skills. Some of the most commonly sought after digital marketing skills, according to Javier Sanz, a contributor to, are SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, coding, analytics, and email marketing. The more skills someone has, the more expensive they will be, so find out what you need to be most effective and hire someone who’s proficient in those particular skill sets.

Know What Your Goals Are

Without knowing what you want to achieve with your online marketing efforts, any person or agency you hire isn’t going to be as effective as they can be. For this reason, it’s vital that you have some online goals laid out that you want your company to achieve through your digital marketing work. According to Jonathan Long, a contributor to, these goals may include increased sales, stronger social presence, brand awareness, or a larger blog following. Not only will having clear goals make the work more focused, but it will also help you to know if your hiring choice is working out or not.

If you’re wondering how to get your ducks in a row before hiring someone to help your company with online marketing, use the tips mentioned above to begin preparing today.

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