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Right Wing and Left Wing Blogs That Tackle Immigration Issues

It’s a normal part of life for people to move from one country to another. The reasons are varied such as wanting to join a family member in a foreign country, find a better job or pursue further studies. According to a 2013 United Nations report, there were more than 231,522 immigrants in the world with the United Arab Emirates having the biggest share of immigrants.

In many countries today, immigration is a major issue involving economic and political factors. While some citizens are open to the idea of allowing people from other countries to live in their own country, many do not agree resulting in protests against their government. Continue reading

Originally posted on January 19, 2016 @ 2:37 am

The US Comfort Women of South Korea


The Huffington Post has recently run several news articles on comfort women. A hot topic these days, it’s at the core of a particularly heated argument between Japan and South Korea. China, too, has been demanding additional action from the Japanese government.

Interestingly, coverage on the topic includes not only the World War II comfort women, but the US comfort women of South Korea, coerced (and sometimes forced) into providing sexual services for the American military stationed in Korea both during and following the Korean War, which ran from 1950 to 1953, and saw the division of the country into North Korea and South Korea.

Most notably, these Korean comfort women have filed a million-won (the currency of South Korea) lawsuit against their own government- who, they claim, forced them into the sexual slavery.


Prostitutes for the US military in South Korea’s demilitarized zone are commonly known as Yankee Princesses or Western Princesses; they are stationed in brothels in and around American military Camp Towns, or Kijichon. There are more details on the topic on Wikipedia, which also states that:

“According to the claim, they were supervised by the U.S. forces and the South Korean government and South Korean authorities colluded with pimps in blocking them from leaving. The suit comes as an distraction for the South Korean government which has been claiming Japan hasn’t fully compensated women forced to serve as sex slaves for the imperial Japanese military.

Haunting the Korean Diaspora: Shame, Secrecy, and the Forgotten War, a research of prostitutes by Grace M. Cho who was the daughter of a G.I. and a South Korean woman, was awarded the best 2010 book on Asia and Asian America by the American Sociological Association.”

However, it is only very recently that Korean women have been speaking out against being forced into the prostitution for the military.

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Blogging Annoyance: Rant About Newsletters

Why would I subscribe to your e-mail newsletter that is just your RSS feed and here and there some special notes sent to my e-mail inbox when I already subscribe to your RSS feed? Sure, it makes your subscriber count go up, but it doesn’t really help me in any major way.

Sure, it gives you an opportunity to up sell me on some affiliate products or services you might have, but those things rarely help me with my blogging goals.

You should be happy that I subscribe to your RSS feed rather than punish me by making me get the same information two different ways so that you look like you have twice as many subscribers.

The race for subscribers is silly, and if anything, you are making people deal with both information overload and saturation sickness, which then causes them to unsubscribe to all things that they decide are no longer necessary.

Add value to my life, add value to my blogging, and stop trying to spam me with your content over a variety of different services so that you appear to have more unique subscribers than you really have.

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Subscribers are Key?

Does having a higher subscriber count instantly mean a better blog, or are there other factors that on first glance will make you believe a blog is good or bad?

I am asking this because there were two great posts on increasing subscriber numbers, the first was from Winning the Web, entitled 16 Ideas For Free Products That Will Double Your Subscribers & Leads and the second was from The University Kid entitled How To Send Your Subscriber Count Through The Roof.

While both of these are interesting articles, does the quality of subscribers matter? I know that we constantly talk about the quality of traffic, but in their posts, they don’t talk about what kind of negative side effects, if any, occur when you push your subscriber base up in a way that is almost artificial.

We have become so competitive at building up blogs that many people have started building them so efficiently to sell them that they make their full time living through building what appears to be a strong community and then selling it to the highest bidder.

While I would like to think that everyone that subscribes to this blog is subscribed because they want to be, there is no doubt a bit of inflation in every RSS subscriber number, and so don’t forget that, especially if you are purchasing a blog.

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Voice of a Site is Not Always the Reality

There are a few people that I know of that publish material on their blogs, not because they are actually following their own advice, or truly telling the truth, but instead, they are attempting the widely known “fake it until you make it” credo that many bloggers attempt to use to hide their actual personality, lifestyle and advice.

You’ll see this all the time on “make money online” blogs where the author will attempt to sound like an expert, despite not having half a clue regarding making money online. You will see them talk about the success of a person, product, or service, mostly in hopes that you will sign up under their affiliate membership identification, earning them rewards of some sort, or pushing their co-ventures on you without disclosing their partnership in a project.

You are all being duped, day after day by assuming that even the experts you “know and love” are giving you the full truth. Most of the strategies that work really well are never talked about publicly to make sure there is a limited amount of competition.

Someone once said to me that you’ll never see a true affiliate marketing expert at a conference talking about affiliate marketing, as they are too busy earning money, and wouldn’t want to share their secrets for fear of having them negated in the marketplace.

Others have said that all information that people need to be successful online is out there, and freely available, but the more I read, understand and test myself, the more I realize that the information given out en masse is wrong and being used to trick an endless supply of people looking to turn their fortunes around into providing the fake voice from the blogosphere more money in their pockets.

Just because they say something is great, or look like they are doing well in a certain aspect of their business, doesn’t mean that it is the reality. Far more people will tell you to look at their left hand while they pull money from your wallet with their right.

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