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Site Issues: Still Working on It

As many of you have noticed, we have had some hiccups in moving the site from one server to another, but this move was necessary, and we will hopefully have things back to one hundred percent soon.

The first issue was we lost some comments, then I couldn’t publish posts due to a JavaScript error that would basically make my browser freeze for about two minutes before letting me stop the script, and then I couldn’t manage comments at all.

It reminded me of why I like moving WordPress blogs in a very specific way. Export from within WordPress, break down the export file into import files no larger than about 3-5MB, create a new WordPress blog on the new host, import the content, and move over the wp-content folder that includes images and plugins.

Of course you’ll be missing out on various settings and whatnot, but I have found this to be one of the quickest and cleanest ways to transition a WordPress blog over. It does come with its own set of problems sometimes, but I’ve had very few issues with it.

Anyone else have some WordPress moving tips? Let me know in the comments below.

BrandingDavid Update

I have been working on for a little while now trying to flesh out the consulting side of my business, but one thing I am learning is that in this economy, no one has $120 per hour to spend on learning blogging, online marketing, SEO and whatnot, and so I have been working on alternative plans.

Another thing someone pointed out to me is “why pay for your services when I have your blogging efforts as a great resource?”

This question took me back a little as I have given as much of my knowledge as I can over the last year of running this site especially, and if you are willing to dig around there are some amazing insights, at least I think so, but it might not be presented in a way that you can easily apply, and that is where I see myself getting most of my business, from breaking down the concepts that seem so simple to me, but don’t quite make sense in other people’s minds.

As for traffic, the site is only getting around two to five percent of what this blog is getting, and that is mostly due to my lack of promotion. I am not pushing that site as hard as I did this site, and because of that, I am seeing a much slower growth curve, but that doesn’t really concern me at this point.

The content distinction lines between this site and that site are very fine, and in creating it, I realized how much I enjoy talking about what I do as a career, the industry I am in, and the software I enjoy using.

If you haven’t launched a blog lately, give it a try, and see if it stretches you too thin, or if you enjoy writing on it. Passion for one topic can sometimes spill over into another, and BrandingDavid has reminded me how much I enjoy posting here as well.

Branding David: Consulting and Speaking

Over the last few months, I have been fortunate enough to speak at two different events, and in doing so, I only increased my interest in speaking, training, consulting and teaching and so I have decided to build out a new blog called Branding David.

This blog won’t change, and will continue to talk about blogging, and building out blogs, advertising and podcasting, but on Branding David, I will talk about owning a small business, working for others, consulting, speaking at conferences and events, as well as other things that I have been interested in writing about, and never had a platform to do so.

If you enjoy this blog, I hope you will check out Branding David and let me know what you think of it.

Some posts that I have already written that people seem to enjoy include:

Missing Comments: Moving Server

So over the weekend, while I was away, the site was moved from one server to another, and in doing so, it caused some posts and some comments to disappear, and thanks to some issues with WordPress, I haven’t been able to import them properly on the new host. I think that importing doesn’t work as well due to the post revisions saved in the database. Not sure if it is a known issue or not, but I hope to get it all sorted out soon. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t comment, please feel free to interact as normal, as the importing of comments and whatnot shouldn’t negatively effect any comments and whatnot from anyone else.

Updated the Uber Blogs List

If you hadn’t previously heard, I started my own list of ranking blogs about blogging, and there was a bit of a Google PageRank update lately, and so I have updated all of the rankings to display the most recent results. I have been pretty consistent about updating the Uber Blog List about twice a week, so you are always getting the best results.

I am thinking of tweaking it though as currently, each of the rankings are equally weighted to give a final score to place people. I am also thinking of capping it at fifty sites, so that only the top fifty are displayed, though much more would be tracked, but not displayed, in order to link to the best sites consistently.

Check out the Uber Blog List and let me know what you think. If you aren’t on the list, please add your site, and if it fits in with the topic of blogs about blogging, then I will add it to be ranked.