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How to Best Improve Your Online Store’s Social Media Campaign

You’re doing your best to improve your online store’s social media campaign. You’ve gone live, you’ve added video, you’ve been sure to spread your posts to help and make them go viral. But still, you feel as though there’s more you could be doing to improve the state of your online store’s social media campaign. We understand. That’s why we have this selection of tips that we have to offer you in order to get your online store’s social media campaign going. Once you use these tips, you’ll be better equipped to handle your own social media campaign.

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Best Social Media Publishing Tools

Sharing one’s expertise and establishing credibility is a breeze these days what with the various tools available online. Coaches, publishers, business owners and marketers are fortunate to have them as a way to reach out to their target audience and establish rapport.

The social media publishing tools are now among the most widely used. Through the years, social media has evolved and has provided its users with more avenues for connecting with people and sharing their expertise. Apart from allowing short status updates, they have developed new features that enable users to publish articles on the platform.


Here are some of the top social media publishing tools that can help you attract more people and boost your social media traffic. Continue reading

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4 Easy Tips to Use Instagram for Marketing

Instagram has been a major hit since day one. This photo sharing app and social networking service is now being used by more than 80 million users and more are discovering the beauty of using it.


Its popularity peaked when used by people on Facebook prompting the guys behind Facebook to purchase it at a whopping $1 billion in September 2012. All’s well that ends well indeed.

The latest buzz today is that a growing number of marketers are also utilizing this free online tool. In fact, the number of companies using it has gone up in recent years and more are joining the bandwagon. They have recognized the power of photos in reaching out to their target audience.
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Tips for Serious Twitters on Twitter – InstaBG the Latest Trend Online

InstaBG is the newest and most innovative way to create a more interesting background for your Twitter account. If you personally love Tweeting or you are an internet marketer who uses Twitter for your IM campaigns then it is quite likely that you would be interested in gaining more followers. Having a personalized background on Twitter is like giving your account an edge over your competitors. The more interesting your Twitter page is, the more people will see you as someone worth following. Twitter does not actually allow you to grab and upload your instagram photos, but third party software such as InstaBG does.

I’ve used InstaBG for quite a while now and I am still amazed by what it does and how it helps make my day on a daily basis. InstaBG does not just allow you to grab your instagram photos and upload it into your Twitter page but it can actually change these photos every day automatically. Why is this beneficial? Well, for the reason that people would actually see different images changing as InstaBG changes them and your followers would think that you are always available even if you’re away for a vacation. Plus, it gives you a sense of uniqueness. This is especially beneficial for those who like to take photos and show it to the public.

InstaBG also allows you to customize the size of the photos and how you want them to look like. You can upload several photos at a time. You can customize their background colors, spacing and lay out. InstaBG is the next big thing on Twitter. Make sure that you’re the first one to use it.

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