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Debunking Cloud Storage Myths

The internet can be a worrying place for some, and a wondrous one for others. Those who are new to the world of technology can often approach it with caution due to the bad press it’s received. While it’s true that certain platforms have been attacked, this wasn’t necessarily due to its location, but rather its lack of security.

Becoming confident with something means you have to understand more about it, and that will come with time like many thinks.

In the short-term, it can be useful to know the difference between fact and fiction in the world of cloud service providers. Continue reading

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Common Internet-Based Solutions for Data Backups

Thinking about content strategy or blog monetization can be imperative to the success of your website. But you also need to think about keeping your websites secure and stable. Running anything from a hand-coded platform to an open source CMS will require security. No website is completely protected from harmful intruders.

Data backups are one of the easiest ways you might combat spam or hacking attempts. If somebody compromises your website with some type of bug or malware, it might not be easy to remove. Your hosting support staff does have tools for the job but it’s not always perfect. Thus you might consider methods for organizing your data into local and remote backups for quick re-installation.
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Webinar as an Effective Online Tutorial Tool


On the web today, professionals, small business owners and companies passionate about teaching people on how to do things whether in real life or on the internet can use various free online tools. They can create a blog, slideshows or they can also create a video, a podcast or even a webinar.

While videos posted on YouTube and other video sharing sites are popular these days and a good avenue to do tutorials, a more formal option is to hold a webinar. Free and paid systems are available but it’s essential to choose one that can meet your needs. It’s best to learn first about the providers available at

The major benefit of a webinar is it allows real time interaction between the presenter and his audience during a specific schedule and attendees can discuss many issues during the live presentation.

For teachers and professionals wanting to reach out to their students and potential clients, the webinar system can become their virtual classroom or training platform. It enables them to connect with people in different places around the world at little or no cost at all. Additionally, this online tool allows them to share their knowledge and skills over the internet. Continue reading

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Need Secure Browsing? Opt for VPN!

On a regular internet today, fraudulent activities are just lurking around. Users can be scammed, sites can be hacked and people can become a victim of phishing and identity theft. No matter how careful you are, you can never be sure about your privacy and security while browsing online.

secure internet browsing

Active internet users, however, can protect themselves today by using a VPN or a virtual private network. Businesses, private individuals and educational institutions are using this in an effort to keep their vital information private and not visible to the prying eyes of the public.

A VPN is a new technology that makes use of a public network to connect remote networks and users but in a more discreet and secure manner. Organizations and people using this enjoy private internet surfing as data they’re reading is encrypted and therefore, cannot be intercepted by anybody using an unsecured public network.

Various companies now provide this service. You can choose to sign up between the free and paid VPNs. But how would you know a good VPN provider? Continue reading

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New Tools to Help Clean Up Your Desktop

Easter is here and while you’re in the process of renewing yourself, it would also be a great idea to clean up your PC and most especially your desktop. You may have been used to the usual tools but may find them not contributing much to efficiency of your PC. If this is the case, it’s time to change some of those old tools and remove some of those clutter on your desktop.

Normally, files that have piled up in your computer are to be blamed for using up a big part of your hard disk space. When they’re not removed from time to time, they can eventually cause your PC to slow down.

On your desktop, as you download programs and apps, it can get cluttered through time but you can do something about it. Wouldn’t it be nice to start your work when you see your desktop so clean and attractive?

Here are simple ways you can do to organize your desktop and new tools you can use. When you are able to successfully use them, you can be sure to be more inspired to work and become more efficient moving into the future. Continue reading

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