Splashpress Media’s New Head of Marketing: Me, David Peralty

Splashpress MediaOver the last two years I have been working with Bloggy Network LLC as Jacob Gower is basically the guy that “discovered me” and gave me a full time professional blogging job. After the first year, I then became the Director of Communications at the company, and while it was a great title, it didn’t fit. I was doing so many things behind the scenes, I didn’t feel like I was really communicating anymore.

Over the last three months, I have been diving into the web once again, trying to network, and make new friends online, and so when Bloggy Network decided they were going to sell some of their key blogs, Splashpress Media wanted me as part of the package.

As part of my own little ego trip, I tell myself that they bought the sites not to get the huge audience that comes with them, but instead only to be able to add me to their already amazing team of writers, developers, designers and marketers.

What Does This Mean for Me?

Well, for me, it means I continue to have a career online doing what I love. I will also be resuming my work in the limelight on some amazing blogs, including some of the newly acquired Splashpress properties, and some current pillars of their network.

I will also be working on expanding my array of skills. I will be doing screencasts, internet marketing, and helping manage the advertising budget. I will also work on building the Splashpress brand. This will hopefully mean that you can all meet up with me at a variety of conferences, which would be hugely rewarding for me, as I pretty much only ever see my wife and her cat.

What Does This Mean for You?

Well, in my new position, I will get to expand my knowledge and pass on what I learn to you, my readers. I will also be chronicling this change, and talking more about what it is like to be in a Blog Network. I will be able to make comparisons between working at Bloggy Network and working for Splashpress Media. It should help bring some amazing content to you all.

I will also have access to what is going on at Splashpress Media, meaning that contests, events, amazing stories will all be covered here, so you can all get in on them early, and have the best chances for being part of what’s going on.

Lastly, I will know about any openings in the company for writers, and support staff, so if you are interested in becoming a problogger, keep watching this blog, as I might have some great news about that in the future.

Is This Blog a Splashpress Media Blog?

No, it is still my own project, and just like Bloggy Network didn’t filter what I said on here, Splashpress Media also will not have that power. I can’t teach with hands tied behind my back, and everyone knows that. The things you have come to expect from eXtra for Every Publisher will not change.

Check out the full press release at The Blog Herald.

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Commenter Appreciation: October 2007

It is the end of the month and time for me to thank two of the people that helped make eXtra for Every Publisher the great place it is.

If you want to know more about my Commenter Appreciation Project, please check out my previous post explaining the idea.

Last month, I mentioned two great commenters, W. Thomas Leroux of leroux.ca and Mark of 45n5.com and over the course of October they have continued to be a huge driving force in the interactivity of this site, and so I want to thank them again, but I am going to try hard to feature different people every month.

This month, the two commenters I want to focus on are John Leschinski of Leschinski Design, and Ahmed Bilal of Soccerlens. Both of these guys are multi-talented, having blogged on a variety of sites and providing some great advice to me and my readers on a number of posts.

John Leschinski

Leschinski Design

Another Canadian, and one of the few people I have met in real life, John runs his own design company, and I have seen him blogging on Blogging Tips.

He attended one of the local Geek Meetups in London, Ontario when I lived there, and has been popping up more and more in the blogging scene.

Ahmed Bilal


Where isn’t Ahmed? He runs some amazing sites, and writes on others. He is one of the big names over on Performancing, and has become a good online friend of mine. I highly respect his work, and am overjoyed that he has taken the time to leave a few comments here on my blog.

Soccerlens is an amazing football related website, and by football, I mean soccer. With over 1000 RSS readers currently, it is definitely one of THE best resources for the subject.


Great blogs, great bloggers, and I appreciate their comments. A big thanks from me, and again, I recommend you all check out every appreciated commenter on this blog, as all the best people comment on eXtra for Every Publisher.

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Advertising Spots Open for November

As we come into a new month, I wanted to remind everyone that I do have advertising positions for sale on this blog. With over 50,000 page views last month of concentrated traffic, eXtra for Every Publisher is the perfect place to promote your blogging related website, project, or product.


From October 1st through the 31st
October Unique Visitors: 13404
October Page Views: 57183

Alexa Ranking below 90,000
Technorati Ranking below 30,000
Google PageRank 4
Top 100 Make Money Online Blog according to 45n5

Advertising Opportunities

With how strong the Canadian dollar is, and how the US dollar continues to slide, I wanted to offer a special discount to those that pay me in Canadian currency.

125×125 Image (non-animated) – $50/m USD or $40/m CDN in the left hand side of entire site. Only 4 Spots Available!

468×60 Banner (non-animated) – $30/m USD or $25/m CDN above the title of each post, and above the title of the first post on the front page. One Hundred percent of the impressions!

468×60 Banner (animated) – $35/m USD or $30/m CDN above the title of each post, but not on the index page. One Hundred percent of the impressions!

Custom Review – $40/m USD or $30/m CDN – Single post on Xfep.com about a product, site or service. At my discretion! Reach over 150 RSS subscribers.

Contact me to arrange your advertising today!

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Climbing in the Rankings

So, things continue to do really well here, despite just realizing that I haven’t made any good teaching posts lately. I have been working hard on my new job and thinking about how I got to where I am currently.

The reason for this post is to announce that I am only seven spots away from sitting in the top 50 on the 45n5 Top 100 Make Money Online blog ranking list.

Xfep.com #57 in Top 100 List

I might actually make it into the top 50 by the end of this month, but I have to outpace some very steep competition. If my experience writing here has taught me anything, it is that no niche is too saturated. If eXtra for Every Publisher can become a top 50 blog in its niche in less than half a year, to me that really says something.

A big thanks again to Mark of 45n5.com for creating this list, everyone who comments on this site, and all those that have sent a link my way. I really appreciate it.

For all of you looking forward to more posts on how you can do the same with your own blogs, please continue to read, as I will have more posts teaching you how I got to this point so quickly in the coming weeks.

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Selling Your Readership

I have to admit that I find it a bit sad that so many make money online bloggers are taking the easy way out by selling their blogs, some well before their time for some quick cash due to the fickle market valuing such blogs at what I consider to be a fairly incredible rate.

So far I have seen nearly half a dozen blogs jump ship ranging from $2500 all the way up to $10,000. Mark at 45n5.com has come up with a great post, giving basic valuations to many blogs, further inciting people to sell now while the market is hot.

What does this say about the original blogger? How does this make me feel as a reader of these blogs? I honestly feel a little betrayed. Some of these bloggers promised to deliver a product: their knowledge. They have instead decided to sell off their blog leaving me wondering what kind of things I will be able to learn from the new owners.

Every blog sold goes through a transition, whether the old writer stays on for a day, month or year, it eventually changes from what made it great, into something different. Don’t get me wrong, different doesn’t necessarily mean bad, but in my experience, very few blogs improve after changing ownership.

Really what most of these people are doing is selling their readership. They are selling my time on their blog and the value I bring to someone else and the only way I can think to combat this is to take my time back, and place it in the hands of blogs that I feel confident are going to stick around, with their original owner, or at least a trustworthy level of professionalism.

On the flip-side though, I am enjoying that so many people are leaving the race, as it only helps continue my trend at making this the blog about becoming a professional blogger, and making money online.

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