Podcasting With a Co-Host

Podcasting MicrophoneToday, James Cogan and I recorded another episode of the long overdue TechCanuck podcast. Recording a podcast with someone else is very different from recording one by yourself as I have been for this blog’s Xfep Podcast.

The main difference is the conversational tone as podcasting with someone else gives you a chance to bounce thoughts and ideas off each other, creating new and better thoughts and ideas. When I podcast alone, if I forget to say something amazing, I have no one to blame but myself, and more often than not, I do forget to say things or see things from a different point of view.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy having someone else on the podcast, and as I have asked before, I would love to continue to have guest spots on a variety of different podcasts.

It has been too long since Chris Garrett and I have recorded an episode of the FourFourNiner, and far too long since I have been on WordPress Weekly or the WordPress Podcast, and I would love to record episodes of each.

I am also open to having people on this podcast to talk about themselves, their work, and their thoughts, as well as question me about my own work, thoughts and life. Podcasts with more than one person are just more lively and more interesting, wouldn’t you agree?

This doesn’t mean I will stop recording episodes of the Xfep Podcast, as I do enjoy sharing my opinions through the easy to use audio format.