More of Me Podcasting: TechCanuck Episode 17

James and I haven’t done a TechCanuck podcast in a while, and so we were well overdue. We love working together on talking about technology, the web, and everything related to it.

Head on over to dailypixel to have a listen and let me know what you think.

Show Notes:
a) The rise of ad networks – Six Apart announces that they are morphing into Six Apart Media an advertising network for blog publishers and it will compete directly with Glam Media and Federated Media. Also, Glam cuts its rates and what does that mean for new players and how do players like Adify which is letting everyone roll their own advertising network like Forbes fit into the mix?

b) The Top 100 Global Brand rankings were just released and Google is the world’s #1 ranked brand. Coca-Cola which held that spot for many years has officially given way to a wave of technology companies. We discuss the trends.

c) Shyftr started a debate about how much of blogging content could be syndicated without upsetting the content creators. Is this a symptom of a larger issue – ie, is blog content a commodity, and if so, what is it worth in an era of aggregation and off-site conversation?

d) Microsoft-Yahoo, what the heck is going on here? Who has the most to lose if a deal isn’t consummated soon? We discuss.

It was definitely a fun episode, and while my mic quality seems to be a little low, I hope you will all enjoy it.