More of Me Podcasting: TechCanuck Episode 18

James Cogan of dailypixel and I got together for another great episode of the TechCanuck podcast. This one is a bit more negative than people are used to as we rant and rave about a few outrageous things happening in the world of technology today.

Show Notes:
a) Canadian Copyright Reform has been officially tabled in the form of Bill C-61. How will this affect Canadians? Is this good for Canadians? We discuss.

b) The iPhone finally gets a Canadian launch date. Yay or yawn?

c) The Associated Press launches an assault against bloggers for using headlines and excerpts of AP news stories. It didn’t take long for the blogosphere to send an overwhelming reaction of displeasure back at AP. What the heck is AP thinking?

d) Google-Yahoo-Microsoft: What is going on inside the GYM? We discuss.

It was definitely an interesting episode, and both James and I got fairly heated at times, but that makes it all the more interesting to listen to.

Check out Episode 18 of the TechCanuck Podcast.