PerfCast: Episode Two

Jeff and I got together again for another episode of PerfCast, the podcast talking about all things blogging. Episode two was a lot of fun to record, and while we didn’t have anyone call in while we were live, Justin and Mark both made an appearance which I really appreciate.

Stories that We Discussed
Blogging Through A Disaster – TheBlogHerald
First Look At WordPress 2.7 – Hits 4 Million Hosted Blogs –
BackType is a service that lets you find, follow and share comments from across the web.
Twittad Another Way To Monetize Twitter Usage – BloggingTips

This episode, and hopefully every episode will run in around an hour, and includes some great staples to the show like the blogging job of the week and the blogging challenge of the week that I hope people will participate in.

I tried using X-Lite this week, instead of Skype, in hopes that it would improve my sound quality, and it did a little bit, but the drops in my connection were inexcusable and I will just have to play around with different methods in hopes of providing both the best sound quality possible and the highest stability.

If you have any comments, questions or other criticisms, please send them to perfcast at We would really love some feedback.