TechCanuck Podcast: Episode 12

There is always more of me podcasting, I don’t just do them here, so if you are interested in technology, and what is going on with the web, check out the TechCanuck Podcast, where I am a co-host with James Cogan, owner of Dailypixel, a new media network.

Here is what we talked about in this episode:

a) How do we not talk about Facebook? Microsoft wins the bidding war with Google. How important was this investment for Microsoft? Does this valuation mean Facebook is on a collision course for an IPO? Is Facebook the second coming of Google?

b) Google tweaks their PageRank algorithm and publishers/bloggers everywhere are outraged. What happened here? Does anybody really know? Is Google’s secret sauce too secretive? Do they have too much influence? Was this PageRank correction expected, needed, or totally unfair?

c) Apple is about to release the much anticipated update to OSX – Leopard. Will this live up to the hype? Is Leopard stealing Vista’s thunder?

d) One of Canada’s largest independent digital advertising/creative agencies ‘Blast Radius’ has been bought (offices in Vancouver, Toronto etc.) The same way that mergers and acquisitions are rampant on the web, this is also the case in the advertising world as digital/interactive agencies are being heavily courted by traditional agencies. The CEO of the worldwide company that acquired ‘Blast Radius’ had some interesting/revealing comments on the logic behind the acquisition. Is this more proof that we are ‘not’ in a bubble, but simply experiencing the rise of all things digital and web?

Check it out, and let us know your thoughts.