WordPress in Review: Episode 3

In this episode, I cover all of the latest WordPress news and developments, including the new WordPress for iPhone application, the re-launch of the WordPress theme directory, and as usual the WordPress theme of the week.

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Mentioned in the Show

You can now blog from your iPhone to WordPress, if you can afford an iPhone…
WordPress for iPhone

It’s back! There is now an official WordPress theme repository once again. It has been long coming, and seems to work rather well, but there is limited choice right now in what you will find.
WordPress Theme Directory

WordPress 2.6 is still giving me issues, specifically with PodPress, but I also noticed that the new features in WordPress 2.6 don’t really do anything for me, except for one.
No Revisions

Theme of the week: InSense

WordCamp Toronto is coming up on October 4th and 5th, and there will be more than one special guest speaker attending.
WordCamp Toronto