WordPress in Review Podcast: Episode 2

It is still before midnight as I am getting this up, so I stuck to my own internal promise of getting this episode out within a week. I would love to continue to produce new episodes weekly, but I won’t promise that just yet.

This week I talk about WordPress 2.6, it is finally here and does it bring anything good to the table? I also talk about issues with WordPress 2.6, mention the theme of the week, and talk about the WordPress Weekly podcast. Stick around until the end for what might be a cool podcasting related announcement.

Download WordPress in Review: Episode Two

Mentioned in the Show

WordPress 2.6 has been released and there is a cool video to learn more about the new features.

PodPress doesn’t work with WordPress 2.6 and there is no mention on when it will.

WordPress theme of the week: Tarski

WordPress Weekly interviews Alex King, as its final episode
WordPress Weekly

Originally posted on July 16, 2008 @ 11:32 pm

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