WordPress Podcast Roundup

The WordPress Podcast and WordPress Weekly have put out new episodes this week, giving us WordPress fans something to listen to.

I was part of WordPress Weekly this week as they did Episode 19. I wasn’t on the podcast as much as I had hoped, as I had to pick up my wife, and my MacBook Pro decided to run out of battery life, but overall it was a great show.

The WordPress Podcast comes back with Episode 42, one of the longest episodes to date. It actually talks a bit about WordPress Weekly, and how WordCamp in San Francisco will be the same time as the last day of the Podcast and New Media Expo. I originally thought I would attend WordCamp, but dealing with the flight, hotel and other attendance issues made me decide to stick it out at the bigger, more expensive New Media Expo instead.

I am looking forward to more episodes from both shows, and I hope to eventually get back on the WordPress Podcast at some point, if Charles will ever invite me…

Keep listening on WordPress Weekly, where I will continue to try to keep my Friday nights open for the show.