Xfep Podcast: Episode 15


Today, I talk a little about the history of this blog, reminding everyone to pursue their passions, no matter how crowded a subject may seem.

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Show Notes

0:29 – Why I Started Xfep.com

  • Lack of support from friends
  • Unique perspective on blogging

1:39 – Xfep’s Ranking

  • 45n5.com/top100
  • Started at 120 of 150
  • Getting into the Top 100
  • Currently at 17

2:21 – Niche Saturation is Irrelivant

  • If you can put your personal twist on it, you can be successful
  • Build a brand
  • It isn’t easy though

3:23 – Getting Noticed

  • Don’t let anyone tell you its impossible to rank well in a niche
  • Share your passions

3:50 – Wrap-up

Intro and Exit Music

Wired for Loud by David Henderson, found via PodsafeAudio