Xfep Podcast: Episode 16


Today, I talk a little about the history of this blog, reminding everyone to pursue their passions, no matter how crowded a subject may seem.

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Show Notes

0:27 – Blogging for a Blog Network

0:40 – Content Concerns

1:40 – Social Media Promotion

  • Who is responsible for it?
  • Build it into the payment model

3:00 – Traffic

  • Build in a payment bonus for traffic increases

4:10 – Go With a Network or on Your Own?

  • Paid slowly from building a blog
  • Paid for your effort right away with a blog network

5:09 – Wrap-up

  • Xfep Podcast is going to be a 4 day a week podcast

Intro and Exit Music

Wired for Loud by David Henderson, found via PodsafeAudio