Blogger Face-Off: Votes Please

So, I have finally been featured on Daily Blog Tips Blogger Face-Off series, but I am against John Cow. Right now I am losing bad, but I could leverage the wide variety of sites I write on to maybe come back and tie him. For me though, it isn’t about winning, but instead about having fun. If you do have some time to vote though, there is a poll at the bottom, and if you could select me, David Peralty, I’d really appreciate that.

One interesting thing to note is some of the similarities in our answers. We both agree that advertising from the start is a smart way to go, that Digg will remain the biggest and best social bookmarking/promotion site in 2008, and that networking is the best thing a novice can do.

Thanks again to Daniel of Daily Blog Tips for featuring me. I really appreciate it. If you haven’t checked out his blog yet, you definitely should.