Down Economy: Work More

I know it seems like such a cliche for most people, but I have been experiencing this myself. Since the economy went down, I have actually been working more. I’ve made my rates as low as I can, while still making the work I do worthwhile, and I am taking on as many projects as I can. The dual-advantage being that I am also pushing myself back into the public eye a little more, and oddly enough, I have been able to take on some projects I enjoy, thus making my days better.

While I am always tired and burned out from work, I have quickly adjusted to this higher amount of work, and while I know that I can’t sustain this productivity level for more than a few months, the breathing room that this will give my finances is exciting.

While the economy is down, and it can be difficult to secure work, now is the time where you diversify yourself as much as possible, take on new projects, build your own, and do whatever it takes to pay the bills. There are so many opportunities out there right now, and while they might not be exciting or high paying, they can lead to bigger and better things, or put you in a prominent position when they economy starts to shift to the better side.

Times are tough, and even I’ve thought about giving up on this whole “web worker” thing and going back to an office somewhere, but the corporate world is doing just as bad. Better to stick it out here, on our terms than try to get around the massive layoffs and hiring freezes in the “corporate” world.

Originally posted on January 29, 2009 @ 11:58 am

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