My Career Time Line

Some people have been wanting me to update my Timeline post with information on what I have done since the summer of 2007, and so I thought I would take a few minutes to do so.

October 2007

Bloggy Network sold some blogs to Splashpress Media and I went with those blogs, as I was posting on around half of them. I was really sad to leave as it was basically a company I helped build up from nothing. I always enjoyed working with Jacob, and the others.

I became the new Head of Marketing, and spent time working on many sites. I also helped work with the advertising sales representative in navigating some of the strange rules of buying and selling advertisements on the web.

The company has acquired many blogs since then, and has evolved nicely. It is still creating many blogging stars, and its main properties are doing quite well.

May 2008

After finding myself feeling rather limited in my job, I decided to move on to an opportunity I found on the Problogger Job Board. I became the Community Manager for PicApp. At the time, this felt more like a public relations job, and I was looking for a community job.

The opportunity was a great one, but at the time, the company, and myself realized that a Community Manager wasn’t really what they needed and I decided to move on from the project.

I still consult with them from time to time and applaud them for all of the amazing moves they have made in making the product more blogger friendly. And with the advances that they have made, I sometimes wish I could go back…

September 2008

There was nothing on, a domain that Ryan Caldwell had bought to build out. I came in as project manager to provide content, organize content, promote the site, and just be a general nuisance to him (joking of course).

This is the project I am currently working full time on. There are over 600 pages created, with over a third having content in them, with the rest being created just to help me keep organized as I flesh out the site. It is one of those projects that the more work you do on it, the more you realize there is to do.