What Has Blogging Given Me?

A long time ago, there was a meme circulating asking about what blogging has given, and it was primarily focused on items like cell phones and whatnot.

While I am no Darren Rowse, I have been able to purchase many things thanks to blogging, and have been given quite a few things as perks from my blogging efforts.

Here is my list of things given to me:

  • a digital camera: Canon PowerShot S1 IS, 8AA rechargeable batteries and charger as well as a 512MB memory card
  • a game console: Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium Bundle, and the game Kameo
  • a LCD monitor: 19? Samsung SyncMaster 915N
  • various Belkin iPod products and accessories
  • Samson Q1U podcasting microphone

And here is a list of things I have been able to buy thanks to my Problogging job:

  • two great laptops: IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T43, and MacBook Pro
  • a nice glass computer desk
  • a few games for the GameCube
  • a wide variety of DVD Movies
  • various Computer Parts (headphones, RAM, hard drive, video card)
  • a small, but nice, brand new house

As you can see from this list, blogging can be very profitable, and very fun for gadget geeks, podcasters and gamers, so if someone tells you that blogging will never get you anything, please show them this list.

Also, please feel free to add your own items via comments. I always enjoy seeing what others bloggers have bought from their efforts and if you haven’t been able to buy anything yet. What are your goals with blogging? What are you hoping to one day buy using money you made online?