Why I Won’t Hire a Google Blogger Blogger

In looking for people to help write content for some new project ideas I have, I have been sorting through resumes, blogs, and all sorts of material that people are sending me to prove their worth, and one personal thing I noticed is that when I see a Blogspot address I immediately cringe. Sure, Google’s Blogger platform has gotten better, but it still says to me that the writer wasn’t willing to spend their time and money to set up a WordPress blog.

Also, there is just so much spam on Blogspot that I don’t understand why people still use it as their publishing platform. To be associated with a what amounts to nothing more than a spam site is just a little shameful to me.

Is it unreasonable to filter people out of a possible job because of the blogging platform they use? Probably. The best writer in the world could be on Blogger, but I will probably skip over them because of where they decided to host their blog. Yes, its free and easy, but as a geek, I guess I expect more from the people I work with. And if nothing else, it usually means they don’t have WordPress experience, something I need people to have to really do well in working with me.