World Problogger List: Update 3

World Problogger List

If you don’t know what the World Problogger List is, please check out my previous post announcing its creation.

So I have added a few more names to the World Problogger List, but I am still no where near the 1,000 names I would love to see listed. If you make more than $100 a month from your blogging efforts, please contact me with your name, main URL, and your location in the world.

What is worth noting is that the World Problogger List has made the front page of the Million Dollar Wiki, and has also risen to become the 85th most popular page, with 1208 views thus far.

This to me already outlines the great success that the list has become, and I look forward to continuing to add new names to it.

Originally posted on October 15, 2007 @ 8:32 pm

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