Blogger Burnout

So there is something I know fairly well, and it is called burnout. It is a condition where I pile on so much work that my life only resolves around work, and I don’t do anything else. This works for a little while, but eventually, any and all work seems like too much. My relationships suffer, and so does the quality of my work, and I eventually realize that I have taken on too much and begin to scale back.

You might have noticed that posting has been a little slow here, and that is because I am really trying to throw myself into doing work for everyone else. I have since contacted everyone I do freelance work for, and let them know that I just can’t keep it up. I have to focus on the company that pays my bills, and gives me a full time income: Splashpress Media.

Moving away from working on other projects will mean increased quality of work on their sites, as well as this one. Hopefully, you haven’t all left to find someone better to read.

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Originally posted on April 5, 2010 @ 8:53 pm

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