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My old boss, a brilliant business man, Ahmed, recently contacted me to let me know that he was getting back into the top site game, with a great new site called Owner of many great top site listing directory services in the past, Ahmed knows a thing or two about building such a site, and while I am not normally one to talk about other people’s projects, Ahmed is building something worth your time if you are a top level site, as his services refer traffic to your site.

Just gearing up the site a few days ago, some of the sites listed have already received a few visitors each day, showing both how high the need is for a quality service such as this, as well as its benefits for those listed within.

If you love top sites, but were put off by their eventual overrun with spam and junk, or weren’t receiving any traffic back to your site from being listed, rest assured that won’t be the same song and dance, and could quickly help boost your site’s traffic as well as helping provide another bit of personal prestige for those that rank among the highest echelons.

If you want to peak at how XFEP is ranking, just check out the Internet Marketing and SEO section, where I am listed or look in my footer to see the tracking graphic.

Also, another interesting note is that was designed by Elena of DesignDisease, who also did the design of this blog. An amazing designer, and I always love her work.