Do You Post Enough?

One issue I have been having lately, with my job pulling me in all sorts of directions is making sure to post enough on the blogs I am part of. I didn’t think that posting regularly on all those blogs would be that difficult. When I first started blogging full time, I was writing on nearly a dozen sites, posting over a dozen posts a day, but each and every article was fairly low quality.

Now, with all the work I do for Splashpress Media, I sometimes don’t feel like I have enough time to spend on crafting articles. So now my posting speed has gone down, and my quality is fairly low, and so that brings up the question of posting routines and whatnot. Do you post on your blog enough? And if you do, is the quality as high as you would like it to be?

The really funny part about this whole post is that I almost want to start another blog for a subject I am interested in.