Does Anyone Know Who I Am?

I have been around, blogging long before certain other bloggers, and yet they have quickly become household names. I have watched certain bloggers for a long time, and basically, they are celebrities to me, and after over two years of blogging, I wonder if I have made a difference to anyone. Have I, David Peralty, been noticed at all?

I have made some great friends, contacts, and networked with some of the best online, but I sometimes feel like the path I took in becoming a full time problogger made sure that I didn’t really get noticed.

When I first started blogging for money, I wasn’t really much better than those automated spam blogs that shoot out hundreds of posts a month that do nothing more than quote news from other sites and link back to them. I slowly got better, but writing on half a dozen to a dozen blogs meant that people didn’t really attach themselves to me, but instead to the site, and its content.

I have participated in making over a two dozen WordPress themes, about half of which have been given out into the community for free. I have written over five thousand posts, attended a few conferences, been a co-host on a variety of podcasts, and been interviewed for an article on blogging for a local paper, and so I would like to think that I have become relatively well known online.

I bring this whole insecurity up, in part because I watch as Chris Garrett, a well known writer continues to publish material on dozens of sites, and people will read those sites because he is there writing on them. He has a following.

I watch as J. Angelo Racoma, Abe Olandres and John Chow get covered by television reporters.

It makes me wonder if I have made mistakes in my career. Missteps that might have brought me more attention online.

Why is attention so important? Well, things change, especially in the online world. People change companies, change blogs, and as such, without a following, they have to start all over.

I know it is vain, and probably doesn’t seem important to anyone else, but I’d love to know where I stand online.