10 Reasons Why Bloggers Hate Blogging

Over on Geeks are Sexy, there is an interesting post about why bloggers hate blogging. It mostly centers around the normal things that bloggers get frustrated with like slow traffic increases, slow uptake on RSS subscription options, and revenue that doesn’t even pay for coffee.

While it is an interesting article, I do think it oversimplifies some issues, and throws out some generalizations. I do think for a blogger just starting out, this article could be a good reality check, but it would have been nice to see some positive points thrown in there as well. Just because some bloggers hate blogging, doesn’t mean that blogging itself is bad.

Here is a snippet from the article:

7- RSS Subscribers too long to increase

Every single day you are looking at your stats hoping your RSS feed will finally display the magical number: 100 subscribers. But nope, you haven’t passed the three figures yet. If on a count of 25 subscribers you remove your 5 web email accounts and 10 of your friends, you are stuck with 10 pure RSS subscribers, and this sucks. You could try opening 75 new accounts randomly on mac.com or gmail, but that would be a real pain. And you would still be talking to yourself… so emailing you might be a better idea. Increasing RSS subscribers takes time and energy, and unless you are ready to spend countless hours producing quality content, you better stop blogging once and for all.

I have to admit, I enjoyed the cartoons included with the article, so check it out for that, if nothing else.