10 Tips to a Successful Blog Sale

Over on NorthxEast there is a great post talking about what you can do to successfully sell your blog. There are six points on what the seller should do, and four on what the buyer should consider.

A great post all around, and very relevant, especially with Splashpress purchasing some well known blogs from Bloggy Network.

From the post:

Here are some pieces of advice on changing blog ownership:

Ask the old blog owner to stick around for a while
Change is always easier if the lines are blurred, so asking the old blog owner to stick around for a few posts is a good way to make a steady transition between writers. This is probably harder for cheaper blog sales, but I know that in this instance when Cameron asked if I would post once or twice more, I was quite happy to given that the sale price was so much higher than I’d expected!

Introduce changes incrementally
Change is inevitable, but it’s best done incrementally. If you try to add a new posting schedule, new writers, new design, new topics and so on all at once, you are going to alienate some of the existing reader base. You might attract new readers, but why alienate old readers unless you have to. It’s much better to incrementally change your new asset and keep the old readers and attract new ones.

A great post with some valuable lessons.

Found via Crenk.com.