30 Must Read Articles To Help Kick Start Your Blog

A great post from My Tropical Escape today, which has links to some great blogs and articles that can help get your blog running. I think starting a blog is great, and it has given me a career, but remember, it isn’t just starting a blog that’s important, but keeping it going.

Here is a snippet from the article:

There are a tremendous amount of sites on the internet today that promise to assist you in your blogging venture and just like everything else in life, some of it’s good and some of it is horrible.

To help you save some time (yes, I am very kind!), I thought that I would piece together an informative article to help those of you out there who might be frustrated with blogging, looking for some inspiration, searching for a few additional tips to help promote your site, or are interested in making money online.

Check out the full list, and hopefully next time they will add Xfep.com to their must read list.