52 Creative Ideas for Finding New Clients

Over on the Bootstrapper blog, there is a long, but filled with important links post that gives us bloggers some great ideas for finding new clients, and really, new readers.

As a bootstrapper, you know that clients equal business. Without them, you’d just be another one-man (or woman) shop with an office trying not to go into debt. Fighting for and retaining clients against your competition can be a struggle, just like recruiting new employees or searching for a job yourself is a frustrating battle. With this list, we want to help you take a step back from the front lines and get a little creative. Read below for more than 50 ideas on how to find new clients the smart way.

While not all the tips are useful for us, if you are going into affiliate sales, pay-per-click marketing or just selling WordPress themes, most could be very useful.

Originally posted on April 12, 2010 @ 10:34 pm

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