Blogging: A Skill Worth Having?

Over on b5media’s Business and Blogging site, there is a post up entitled, Blogging is a Transferable Skill, where Des Walsh says that putting Blogging on your resume, might help you get hired.

And I quote:

as any half-way committed blogger knows, there is a lot of knowledge and skill in this field that you can only acquire by doing it.

So, for example, an eighteen year old who may not have a lot of developed skill in financial management may be a mad keen blogger/MySpacer : the knowledge and skill they have acquired in that private activity might be very timely and potentially very valuable, say for a financial services business which is about to set up a corporate blog and needs someone to make it all work.

If I were the employer, I might well decide that the blogging candidate’s skills in this area outweighed a lack of experience in other skill areas. That candidate might well get the job over someone with more financial skills but who doesn’t blog or have any interest in blogging.

A very interesting idea, and something I hadn’t really considered. It makes complete sense though, especially as companies get more familiar with blogs and what kind of effects they can have on a business. I was almost hired at one point, by a web development company, to help work on things like blogs for corporations that don’t really understand its value. One of the reasons they sought me out was because I was a blogger, and I knew enough PHP to get me by.

I didn’t join their company, but they later hired a stronger coder, and weaker blogger who fit the position nicely. The point is though, that they wanted a blogger. Someone that understood Technorati, the blogosphere, and the power of blogging, and could convey that to their clients.

So add it to your resume, and be proud of your skills as a blogger. There might be many blogs out there in the world, but there are very few true dedicated bloggers.