Building Readership by Monitoring What Other Bloggers are Writing

Darren Rowse has put up another great post on about growing your blog one reader at a time by helping your fellow bloggers.

Darren wrote helpful and informative comments on other blogs in his niche, and found it a great source of traffic.

Here is a small bit from the article:

I spent half an hour that day leaving helpful and relevant comments on each of those blogs – making suggestions for new cameras, giving tips on how to use them etc. In each case I left the URL of my camera blog in the URL field so that they could find my blog – and in a couple of the posts I even left links in the comments pointing to useful pages on my blog to help the blogger find more information.

What I found was that around half of those that I left these comments for responded to me either with follow up comments or emails. In each case they said they’d check out my blog. Not only did they do this – but I found that many that I helped with comments actually linked up to my blog in days and weeks following me making contact.

Darren then goes on to give some tips on how you can monitor other blogs in your niche and build up your blog one new reader at a time. A great readership building tip for your blog from