Get Your Comment Count Jumping

Over on Blogging Tips there is a post entitled “Get Your Comment Count Jumping”, and in it are some tips to get readers to comment on your blog. This is something that almost all bloggers fight with. We find ourselves questioning “is anyone really reading what we have to say?”

The tips included in the article are pretty common sense, but they are worth a reminder as we look to get people involved with our blogs.

My biggest suggestion is to show others how it is done by commenting on other blogs, starting conversations with the writers of your favorite blogs, and the people that comment on their blogs. If they see the quality you bring to the site, they might follow you back to your site, and comment on what you have said or done. I find this to be a very fulfilling experience, and one that has started some of my best blogging related friendships online.

Read the article for more tips on how you can get others to comment on your blog.

Originally posted on August 23, 2007 @ 12:44 am

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