Google Acquires Jaiku

Jaiku bought by GoogleSo it looks like the big news of today is the acquisition of Jaiku by Google. Jaiku is a micro-blogging platform in the same vein as Twitter, and Pownce. It allows you to quickly blog about what you are up to or what you are interested in. Even better for some people, it allows you to add your thoughts via your cell phone.

Mark Evans has a few more details on his blog calling it the Blogger-lite acquisition:

More than four years ago, Google bought Pyra Labs (aka, and since that time Google has done a darn job of pretty much ignoring Blogger while WordPress and TypePad have become fast-growing blog platforms.

So, it’s interesting to see Google move aggressively into the micro-blogging market with the acquisition today of Jaiku, which competes against Twitter and Pownce. I assume the move it part of Google’s ambitious wireless plans, which apparently include the much-anticipated GPhone.

It will be interesting to see how large the Google platform grows over the coming year, and with their stocks hitting $600 a share and continuing its upward trend, I don’t think Google plans on slowing down any time soon.