How to Create a Blog That People Really Digg

A great post on Copyblogger from guest poster, Jonathan Morrow. It talks about how you can create excitement around your posts, in pretty much any niche, and attract people to give a thumbs up to your posts on the popular social news/promotion site, Digg.

Have you ever noticed that some blogs seem to rise to the top of Digg over and over again?

You might think that they’ve discovered some magic formula for getting attention, built a “Digg culture” on their blog, or they just get all of their friends to Digg their posts.

And they might.

Though, many of them took the most important step before they even started their blog. They chose a niche that the social media crowd already loves.

I think one of the biggest things you can do to get noticed on Digg, is to properly formulate your headline, and your submission text, as many people will Digg up an article without even reading it, only going on the headline, and the included blurb of text.