How to Start Looking for a Better Job

LifeSpy, a site I used to own, has a great article on how to look for a new and better job. The article could be used for finding any type of job, even one in online publishing as a paid blogger.

Broadcast. Your boss is probably not the person to know that you’re looking for a better, higher-paying job, but tell your colleagues and friends that you are on the lookout for another job. Your friends/colleagues may know people who can help you get a job interview. If you’ve been wise enough, you should probably now have a good base of contacts. Some of the companies that you’ve dealt with may have openings here and there.

Surf. The internet has an amazing network of resources and you can maximize your internet connection by checking out sites which have regular job postings. If you feel guilty doing job hunting during office hours, do it in between breaks so you can search for available jobs without using up your work time. Now if you know that the office network’s a secure one, for the love of all that’s living, do it elsewhere. Your snotty network administrators may intercept your activity and get you fired in no time.

Searching for a job can be difficult, but if you take the time to search around online, there are some great resources. I know a few people that have found decent blogging jobs on the Problogger Job Board so check it out if what you are looking for is a problogging job. I, personally, couldn’t recommend this career path enough.

Originally posted on June 24, 2010 @ 12:49 pm

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