John Chow’s August 2007 Income

John Chow has released his August 2007 income report, and it is pretty amazing. The summer is usually a rough time for bloggers, as advertising income drops to record lows, but not for John Chow as August saw him bring in $17,828.61.

To put that into perspective, that is half a year of my income, generated by his site in one month.

Affiliate sales continues to be the blog’s biggest money maker. I promote a bunch of different programs, with an emphasis placed on programs that pays a residue income. The best performing affiliate program for August was Text Link Ads, accounting for $2,500 of the $7,244 affiliate income. Yes, I make more from the TLA affiliate program than I do from the TLA links.

Google AdSense posted its second worst performance ever. It now accounts for less than 3% of blog income. This month it will account for zero. Yes, the ad network that started John Chow dot Com will be eliminated from the blog. This illustrates the importance of spreading out your income sources.

There is only one John Chow, and so I doubt I will make that kind of cash from my projects seperate to my employer, but I can assure you that building one tenth of what he has done is achievable by anyone with persistence.