To Be Moved?

It looks like the Digg-like site will be moved off its home to another domain, sub-domain, or something as AOL moves to

Here is a snippet from TechCrunch:

We’ve gotten an update on the controversial post we wrote earlier this month on the possible shutdown of the fourteen-month-old old Digg-clone Netscape. Too many AOL execs have had their eye on the domain name, which brings in 3 million or so page views per day. The most likely scenario – The current home page at becomes the default page for, and the year old digg-clone moves to a new domain.

We hear that, a domain previously owned by Compuserve and acquired by AOL, is a potential landing place for the Netscape service. AOL may have different plans for, however, and the Netscape portal may land somewhere else. Either way, look for a link or module from the old service to remain on the domain after the changeover.

Does this mean that the service wasn’t pulling in much in the way of revenue or do AOL executives just not respect the new citizen social journalism community that other such sites encourage?

Who knows, but one thing is for certain, we will all have to update our bookmarks and submitting tools soon.

I have to admit though that Netscape, even once on the front page, never really brought me the same amount or type of traffic as competing services and unless you had “real news” it was next to impossible to get on the front page, despite the lower barrier for entry in votes.