Newspaper Content Wants to be Free

Mark Evans has written a great post about newspapers and how they should be focusing themselves in this very blog and new media centric world. I have watched as newspapers continually become more and more obsolete, and that is not something I think the world is really ready for. I still enjoy reading printed news but I find myself sticking to the free local newspapers that cover what is going on in the city I live in.

Mark had this to say about focusing on local:

2. Local, local, local: Forget about spending your editorial budgets on national and international coverage because lots of people/organizations can do that job for you at a much lower cost. Instead, pour your money into local coverage where there’s less competition. For anyone still reading newspapers, stories about higher property taxes, real estate trends and crime will continue to be compelling.

This is one of those rare times where I completely agree with the plan that someone has come up with for newspapers to remain relevant. I hope the people in charge see his post, and take action.

As for us bloggers out there, how the newspaper and all “old” media companies learn to react to the continuing shift to have everything online, be aware that traditional news outlets could quickly become our biggest competition.