Profitable Blogging is Blogging for the Long Haul

Over on Performancing, there is a great post up that talks about the growth of your blog. I have been bringing up being able make your blog profitable a few times lately, and that is because I know that it is possible.

The post on Performancing, talks about a recent video post that Darren did on about focusing on the growth, rather than the income, and if you are patient, the income will eventually come.

Here is a snippet from the post:

Let’s say after the first 30 days of blogging you make $1.00 a day. Then, the next month you make $2.00 a day. When you compare both months, you actually gained 100%. While $2.00 a day is not something to brag about, you’re doing well because your trending up.

Let’s look at a long term example. If you make $1.00 day in one month and you have 30% growth every month, in just two years, you’ll make over $400 a day. Not bad for two years work, right? $400 daily is $12,000 a month.

Some of you might be wondering even how to get to that one dollar a day mark, and believe it or not, for many bloggers, that early advertising revenue mark is the hardest, but persistence, patience, and consistency with your blogging will eventually pay off. Maybe not in two years as their example says, but given enough time, nearly any blogger can make full time income from their work.

Stay positive, and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. I like to think of myself as living proof having worked for two years, full time in the industry.