Six Ways Blogging Differs From Other Types of Writing

Sara, over on Blogging Tips, has put up a great post on how blogging is different than other types of writing.

Here is a sample from the post:

2. Personality = Popularity

If you want to succeed as a blogger, you have to be likable. Or hate-able. Or both. Just try your very best not to get caught somewhere in between. Be memorable. Find your voice. I will be discussing methods by which you can find your voice in one of my upcoming guest posts.

The thing to remember is, popular blogs become popular because of the blogger. A good blogger shows personality even when he/she is writing about an impersonal topic. Regular readers start to feel like they know the blogger personally. Once this happens, readers form attachments and loyalties that are achievable only in a venue like blogging that highlights a writer’s personality.

Check out the other five reasons over on Blogging Tips. A great first post by Sara.