Targeting Popular Bloggers

Net Business Blog has a great post up entitled “Increase Your Profits Exponentially By Targeting Popular Bloggers” where they mention how Nate of Unique Blog Designs was brilliant by getting John Chow to use him for his new design.

Unique Blog Designs (UBD) landed Shoemoney as a new client. Shoemoney found out about UBD through John Chow. And Shoemoney has even more RSS subscribers than John Chow.

Shoemoney: 10,000 subscribers
John Chow: 8,000 subscribers

With these two clients, do you think UBD will have trouble getting more clients in the near future?

It has been said that Nate has already earned himself over $13,000 in client work thanks to his growing list of high profile bloggers using his designs. A very smart move, and a great article listing out the how and why of targeting popular bloggers.