Technorati Changes for the Better

Recently, I read a post on Sarah in Tampa, and I can’t even explain my joy as I found out that Technorati had made some changes, thus bringing back some features I constantly used.

Here are three of the six from her post:

Filtering tools are back. Filtering search results by the source blog’s authority is a tool that bloggers wanted & were very upset over when it was removed.

Tag search results and keyword search results have been separated once again. As Richard says, “We also know now that we alienated bloggers who tagged their blog posts, say, as being about Facebook (a really nice little company, I might add) by burying them with all blog posts that mention Facebook.”

Charts are back – you can see the popularity of a word over time.

Thank goodness for that because I was slowly moving away from Technorati due to the lack of features, and blog oriented tools. Why can’t companies just focus on doing one thing the best?