Top Bloggers Above The Fold Ad Display

Over on there is a very interesting post looking at around half a dozen blogs and what percentage of their above the fold space is filled with advertising.

Blogging for money has become a million dollar business, top bloggers make thousands of dollars each month for paid reviews and displaying ads on their sites. I took screenshots of the visible portion of some of the top blogs and counted how much of that was paid space. The screenshots below are taken from a maximized Firefox window with three toolbars, at a resolution of 1280×1024.

Not surprisingly John Chow has the most advertising with more than a quarter of his screen real estate being advertising in one form or another, while Copyblogger, one of my favourite sites, comes in with the least in the list at just over ten percent. The other blogs listed in the project include, Problogger, Daily Blog Tips, Steve Pavlina, and ShoeMoney.

Two pieces of information that would make this project say so much more would be if they had both unique visitors and revenue information. Then they could correlate all the information and say once and for all if more advertising above the fold means more money per unique visitor.