Top Five Online Business Killers

Over on Can I Make Big Money Online there is a post about the Top Five Online Business Killers. They are fear, procrastination, politics, lack of planning and excuses.

In my work I have had to deal with all of these issues, and while they can be business killers, if you can combat these issues, you will come out of it stronger and better than before.

Here is a sample from the article:

Procrastination: Businesses don’t start or grow if everything can wait until tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, a procrastinator will still wait until tomorrow. This causes a vicious Catch 22: tomorrow is never tomorrow when it arrives and you can wait another day. So if you want to get anything done, get rid of your procrastination.

Each of these points almost deserve their own article, as the post doesn’t talk about combatting any of these issues, but it is still a good guide of what you want to avoid.