Blogging Annoyance: Rant about WordPress Themes

Is it just me, or are the themes being released today all starting to look the same? For a while people were trying new things, but it feels like everyone has retreated to the tried and tested two column designs with the most basic feature sets possible. There are very few innovators in the space anymore as people try to quickly push out “decent” themes so they can get as many back links as possible to their blogs.

If a theme can’t make you go “wow” from the design, or quickly see the potential as a framework for many diversely designed blogs, then maybe you shouldn’t release it.

There are reasons why certain themes are more popular than others. They are either better designed, or coded in such a way that they can quickly be built upon. Take note theme developers, as there is still many more cool things that can be done with regards to WordPress and theming.