Another SEO Book Sale

SEO BookJust recently, I received an e-mail letting me know that another copy of the very useful SEO Book had been sold thanks to this site.

I currently receive twenty-five dollars each time someone purchases the book through one of the banners I have up. So far, I have earned nearly one hundred dollars from sales of the book, and while that’s not an amazing amount of money, I am very happy to see people purchasing the resource.

Near the end of November, the SEO Book was updated to include more up to date information on what is going on with search engines, search engine optimization, and blogging.

I highly recommend purchasing the SEO Book if you haven’t already. The only reason I promote it, is because I own a copy. It is $79 and comes with a 90 day, money back guarantee. As new updates are released, you can download the newer versions, so that you always keep up to date on the best search engine optimization advice in the industry.

I have no doubt that any blogger can learn at least a thing or two from this book.