Concepts Of SEO To Include In Your Web Design

Search engine optimization is the concept of maximizing your content’s chance of being ranked in the first few results when a web user searches for terms relating to your content’s purpose. Google’s search engine is the most used internet searching tool, and the concepts of SEO are centered around optimizing the results of Google’s search algorithm.

You want to learn how to present your content in such a way that the Google bots find it pleasing, and that means becoming familiar with what it is exactly that they seek. Read through this brief synopsis of a few important concepts of SEO, and consider how you might better optimize your business website.

Understanding keyword density

One of the main aspects of a website Google’s algorithm inspects when ranking search results is the appropriate keyword density of a site/page. Keywords are those terms that most adequately pertain to the subject matter of your content.

When writing explanations, bios, or blog posts, you want to include a set of keywords several times within the text. You do not want to oversaturate your composition with keywords, as Google searches for that too.

Try to keep your keyword density rating around 7-10 percent. WordPress has tools to help you navigate the importance of keyword density. Check out how this website included the word “liability” in several different forms across the text of their page.

Mobile optimization matters

Designing a business website that is optimized for mobile viewers is much more efficient than the alternative. A great percentage of the population uses their mobile devices (whether it be an iPad, tablet, smartphone, or something else) to access the internet several times per day.

It only makes sense that you would want to optimize your website to include this demographic. The most important benefit of mobile optimization is that Google ranks those websites higher in the results listings.

The quality of your images is important

Google bots do not support the use of shotty image quality. Your website should always invest in the highest quality images, videos, and other media.

High-quality images and other multimedia additions load quicker than heavier counterparts. Think about how often you come by a website with pixelated, downright terrible images. It probably is not a regular occasion.

Invest in your site’s domain authority rating

Your website’s domain authority rating basically makes a statement as to the ranking ability of your domain. Sites that are more likely to rank high on the search results are ranked higher on the 1-100 scale, and scattered, poorly designed, brand new, or relatively unknown sites rank lower. You want to invest time and research into learning how to boost your business website’s domain authority.

Originally posted on December 28, 2017 @ 8:29 am

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