Is Your SEO Marketing Working For You?

SEO is all over the internet and all of the best companies, small and large, are doing what they can to use it. Some are going it alone while others are hiring companies to do it for them. Some hire individuals specifically to deal with all things SEO and others just attempt to do everything all on their own.

You can’t just do the SEO, like including keywords and link building, and hope it works. Once you implement these things you need to follow up and see if the stuff you are doing is working for your company. If it’s not working then it’s time to make some changes to your tactics.

Analyzing What’s Going Wrong

Just as you would do what you could to quickly resolve an issue with your company or with a customer, you also want to make sure that you a quickly dealing with problems in your SEO. Search Engine Optimizations purpose is to help you gain viewers and customers. While increased sales could be a sign your efforts are working, you might find that those sales were organic.

You can use sites like Alexa Ranking to help you find out which of your pages are doing the best performances, and find out if people are clicking on the links in those pages to get to your products or services. Google Analytics is another good site that your business should be using in order to know what posts are doing the best for your business.

You not only need analytics on your blog and website, but you also need to use them with your social media. Social media analytics can help you know which posts are most popular, which can help you determine what types of posts to repeat and which ones not to even bother with. Facebook offers its own analytics for business pages, but you may want to look into some other companies or websites to help track on there and your other social media pages.

Creating New Concepts

Sometimes you may find that what drew people in for a long time no longer attracts the attention it once did. At this point, you need to come up with some new ideas and some new concepts for attracting customers. That could be as simple as changing the posts you are sharing on social media and as complex as launching a new product or service.

After awhile, if you continue doing the same things continually, you might find that sales slow down for your business. It is through coming up with new ideas and concepts that you can continue to grow your business and continue attracting new people. Don’t forget all of those great basics of SEO though. Even as you make changes you want to continue to integrate things like link building and keywords.

Originally posted on February 10, 2017 @ 11:08 pm