Powerful Tools In The World Of SEO

There are a million and one different Search Engine Optimization tools available, but many come and go within a short period. It is difficult to weed through the duds without wasting precious development time sufficiently. Luckily, there are nerds like us to help do the sifting.

SEO is still quickly evolving, and standards change frequently. What was relevant a year ago may have no impact on listings today. Marketing is a fast-paced world, and it is no surprise that SEO follows suit. Check out a short summary of what we consider to be the most powerful tools available in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

BuzzSumo for content

BuzzSumo may be better sorted into a content marketing section, but we all know that SEO and content marketing are quickly becoming thoroughly integrated. BuzzSumo is a powerful tool for creating the most effective and “buzzworthy” content.

When creating a well-designed blog (like this one), BuzzSumo supplies the most versatile keyword research tool around. The program allows users to search across social media, visual digital media, and blog content for what is currently popular in the text.

SpyFu for competitive research

SpyFu is the “narc” of SEO competitive research. It will tell designers everything they need to know about what the competitors are doing to rank higher in the search engine listings. A simple, one-page report will clearly lay out tactics and results of related companies.

Users can instantly see what keywords a particular site is paying to distribute on Pay-Per-Click, the CPC, and daily costs. Competitors traffic data and recent ad histories are also available for whosoever wills.

DeepCrawl for optimization

DeepCrawl is an optimization tool that will assist designers in problem-solving technical and on-page issues with a user’s website. Everything from diagnosing excessively long meta titles, slow-loading pages, and even phishing out duplicate pages can be done using DeepCrawl.

This program is a web designer’s best friend. It is also quite helpful to small business owners who play several different roles in the company, including webmaster.

Moz is a perfect multipurpose platform

Moz is a one stop shop for all things SEO. Any type of information an SEO beginner might need can probably be found on Moz’s website. They specialize in this sort of jargon.

In addition, Moz offers other optimization services like a domain rating tool that attaches to the user’s web browser and displays every website’s domain authority rating when visited.

SEMrush for link-building

SEMrush is another tool that is great for the area of competitor analysis. The platform offers advanced keyword research, designed by the same company that created SEOQuake (another very popular SEO tool).

SEMrush allows site owners to witness a bird’s eye view of their website’s performance data and an inside look at what competitors are up to in organic and AdWords.

Originally posted on March 30, 2017 @ 9:01 am